Dermaplaning, oil cleansing, and eye creams

A round-up of our favorite blog posts from September

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Sep 29, 2019 · 2 min read

We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

1. Yes, you can: oil cleansing

Listen up — if you thought the oil-cleansing method wasn’t for you because of your breakouts, think again. Certain oil cleansers are decent-to-great for acne-prone skin — turns out fighting oil with oil isn’t a bad idea! Check out our posts for the how-to and our recommendations for non-comedogenic oil cleansers.

2. Curology finds: the best drugstore eye creams

If you think you need to spend on a fortune on anti-aging eye creams to get results, think again. This week on the blog, we analyzed non-comedogenic eye creams that cost under $20, plus, take a look at the best (and worse) of affordable ingredients.

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3. Do or don’t it yourself? Dermaplaning 101.

If you hang around the online skincare community a lot, you might have seen at least one oddly satisfying video of a beautiful person scraping their face and, seemingly, all their visible pores, too. But is at-home dermaplaning all fad? This week on the blog, we caught up with our dermatology providers to get down to the facts.

4. Beard care basics: skincare for men

Here at Curology, we like a big beard, and we like a clean face — we don’t discriminate. This blog post goes out to all the men (and other beard-growing individuals) who need a skincare routine that works with their shaving routine, including our picks for the best drugstore shaving products for the face.

5. No-breakout workout: does sweat cause acne?

Fitness routines are like skincare routines: unique for every individual. If you’re an individual who wants to breaking a sweat without breaking out, here’s 5 tips on keeping pimples at bay during your workouts.

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