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Our Story

Our Story

Great skincare shouldn’t be a luxury.

While practicing in suburban New Mexico in 2013, Dr. David Lortscher was having a routine follow-up appointment with a 22-year-old, Rachael. She’d been suffering from acne since she was a teenager, and she’d tried almost every acne product under the sun, with little improvement.

But in six weeks of using the acne creams from Dr. Lortscher, Rachael’s skin had completely cleared, and now at this follow-up visit she was almost in tears. For the first time in seven years, she finally felt confident about the way she looked.

Rachael shared that she would have seen a doctor for her skin sooner but she didn’t think she could afford it. In the part of town where she grew up, that was "just for rich people."


Dr. Lortscher set out to make effective acne care accessible to everyone.

Dr. Lortscher brought in his technologist brother, Glenn, and their mother, Dr. Nancy Satur, in hopes of building an online team where they could care for people remotely just as effectively as they cared for people like Rachael in person. They built the facility to make the customized skincare, and they created Curology’s secure, proprietary web-based technology that allows for personalized attention online.

Today, Curology employs over a dozen full-time providers, who work together to bring professionally guided acne care to tens of thousands of people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it or afford it.

Lortscher family
From left to right: Glenn, Nancy, David

Our story began with listening to one patient in New Mexico – and listening is still at the core of what we do.

Each member has hopes, needs, and even their own quirks. We make a promise to be honest, personal, and affordable, and to treat each member like the true individual that they are.

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