We have 107 years of dermatology experience

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Aug 10, 2019 · 3 min read

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We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.
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If you want to find a dermatologist near you, but are struggling with issues such as long waits and cost, Curology has made prescription skincare accessible for thousands of patients. Our growing team of medical providers includes dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, licensed in your home state. When you go to a dermatologist’s office, you hope that they have experience treating your unique skin concerns. At Curology, you get both one-on-one time with your dermatology provider — and also the knowledge of our entire team. Our medical providers combine more than 100 years of dermatology experience, working together to provide you the best custom skincare available — without you ever leaving your home.

Industry leaders of teledermatology

The idea for Curology came to Dr. David Lortscher in 2013 while practicing dermatology in New Mexico. He noticed that many of his patients struggled to access dermatology care, whether it was because of a lack of health insurance coverage or because of his three-month waiting list. Even worse, many of his patients were driving for hours from rural areas to his office. With his tech-savvy brother, Glenn, and their mom, Dr. Nancy Satur (dermatology runs in the family!), David founded Curology as a telemedicine company that would go on to make prescription skincare treatments available on demand and at a lower cost.

And Curology is catching on — in 2018, our membership rate quintupled itself. With the addition of companion-products like our cleanser and moisturizer, we’re making gentle alternatives for sensitive skin more widely available than ever before.

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An accessible skincare routine

Even though so many people struggle to figure out how to get clear skin, it doesn’t have to be complicated. With Curology, you can skip both waiting rooms and lists with an on-demand model. Just take our skincare quiz and snap a few selfies, and you’ll be partnered with a board-certified dermatologist, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, licensed in your home state.

Diversity and inclusion training for dermatology providers

We’re more aware than ever that barriers of care go beyond cost and appointment availability—trust in your medical provider is essential. If you’re a patient of color, transgender, or come from another background that faces additional obstacles to care, it can be especially challenging to find a dermatology provider. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is and will always be at the forefront of how we approach our business. Empowering people to love their skin and celebrate their truth is a top priority for us. We are working hard to have a medical team that is diverse and multigenerational, all while providing the best quality care to our patients.  

Want to give Curology a try? 

Instead of looking for a skin doctor near you, we bring the doctor right to your door. Curology’s physicians are graduates of leading medical schools and have completed dermatology residencies accredited by the American Board of Dermatology. Together, our medical providers have over 100 years of dermatology experience. When you sign up for Curology, you can feel confident about the custom care you receive. Take your pick: our complete 3-step set or just our custom cream and start your free trial of Curology for just $4.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

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Curology Team

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