Team Curology’s Must-Have Skincare Products For Every Skin Type

These are the products we’d take to a 🏝️ deserted island 🏝️

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May 15, 2018 · 4 min read

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We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

All of us here at Curology are super interested in skincare (as if it wasn’t obvious), but just like you, we also each have totally unique skin types, routines, and products of choice. Since we’re in the business of making dermatology expertise accessible to everyone, we get excited about sharing the products that work for us and meet our dermatology experts’ standards. Below, top picks from a few members of our team.

TASHA, 28, writer, normal-to-oily/acne-prone/sensitive skin

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  1. Bioderma — Sensibio H20 micellar water (and organic cotton pads to apply it with!)

  2. Dr. Jart+ Cicapair ™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 — I’m pretty pale and don’t like to wear makeup, so I use this like a tinted sunscreen with nothing else on top. It does have some potentially drying alcohol, so those with sensitive skin should be careful.

  3. My Curology cream — I use it every night, and I haven’t had a single pimple in months! (Seriously. They aren’t paying me extra to say this.)

  4. Noble Formula — 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Argan Oil Bar Soap — My Curology provider advised I try this for getting rid of body acne. It exfoliates gently enough for my sensitive skin, and the argan oil leaves me feeling soft and hydrated.

  5. Tatcha — The Deep Cleanse — Usually, the micellar water is enough for me, but this is great when I want a deeper clean. It’s gentle, doesn’t have acne-triggering ingredients (I checked on CosDNA), and it’s supposed to help balance the skin’s oil production.

EDWARD, 36, designer, normal-to-dry skin

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  1. Aloe Life — Skin Gel — Unscented — I like that it’s soothing and hydrating, but really light, and not greasy.

JENN, 41, medical provider, normal/non-acne-prone skin

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  1. Bioderma — Sensibo H20 micellar water — It’s a no-rinse makeup remover and cleanser, perfect for traveling or camping (just bring cotton rounds!).

  2. Kiss My Face Deodorant Cucumber Green Tea — An aluminum-free deodorant that works! Cucumber and green tea have skin-soothing effects, too.

  3. Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum 46 sunscreen — It’s great under makeup and on its own. And it contains niacinamide, which helps fade the sun spots you already have!

  4. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum — I use it once every few nights for exfoliation. It’s got AHA blended with a little bit of BHA, as well.

  5. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream — This eye cream has caffeine in it (hence the “zing” pun in the name), which helps the eye area look more awake, and it leaves the skin around my eyes looking naturally glowy.

  6. Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask — Another great hydrating mask option, this is great to have on hand when your skin could use a quick pick-me-up.

  7. REN Keep Young And Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot — It feels so nice and takes my skin from feeling dry to plump and glowy!

JOSHUA, 22, video director, dry-to-oily combination skin

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  1. Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Gel — I like how lightweight it is for a moisturizer, it doesn’t clog my pores, and I think it helps balance my skin’s oil production throughout the day.

  2. That’s it. No face cleanser, just water. Works for me!

ALYSSA, 30, social media manager, normal/not-acne-prone skin

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  1. Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for Extra-Dry Skin — It has hyaluronic acid, which is great because it really holds the moisture in your skin. And it absorbs quickly.

  2. Clarisonic brush & Clarisonic Refreshing Cleanser — My skin feels SO soft after using my Clarisonic. This combo was a game-changer for my skin.

  3. Blistex Lip Medex lip balm — I have one of these everywhere: in my car, on my nightstand, all my purses, my desk… I don’t leave home without it!

  4. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner — Fends off the frizz all day long.

  5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter — This is how I get my glow on ✨

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