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How to build a body care routine

Tips and tricks on giving your body the attention it deserves.

Jul 6 • 6 min read

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What you need to know about taking oral isotretinoin for severe acne

It’s not called Accutane anymore, but it can still help clear stubborn acne.

4 min read

Everything you need to know about benzoyl peroxide for acne

Learn about the benefits and side effects of benzoyl peroxide acne treatments.

4 min read
A melanin-rich woman with curly hair in natural light
Skin 101

Sun protection for melanin-rich skin

Yes, even dark skin tones need sunscreen—here’s why.

5 min read
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Skin 101

Clindamycin for acne treatment

How clindamycin fights acne-causing bacterium

3 min read
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Skin 101

How to deal with hormonal acne

Learn about—and limit!—those breakout cycles.

4 min read
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Skin 101

Soothe inflammation with metronidazole

Helps soothe skin conditions like POD and acne rosacea

5 min read
Person in denim jacket and red nail polish squeezing pink balloon with black text "Acne" against a purple background
Skin 101

The ultimate guide to acne

What does it mean to “break out,” anyway? Acne types, causes, and treatments—explained.

8 min read
Woman with nail polish holding Curology bottle against neutral background

Cell turnover and collagen production

We’ve got anti-aging skincare down to a science.

6 min read
Woman wrapping arms around herself

Chemical exfoliation 101

Acid, peels – no scrubs.

7 min read
Skin 101

Repair skin damage with niacinamide

Rebuilding aging skin (and defending against dark spots, too!)

3 min read

Skincare tips for traveling

How to prevent acne breakouts while traveling.

5 min read
Skin 101

Acne scars and how to prevent them

How to treat and prevent acne scars of every type.

4 min read
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