5 stress-free tips for Zoom face

Simple ways to get webcam-ready makeup

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Stephanie Papanikolas
Feb 01, 2021 · 4 min read

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Ah, video chats. The technology that helped us get through 2020, for better and for worse. The way my webcam forces me to perceive myself has taken some getting used to, and I know I’m not alone.

Apparently there’s been a rise in plastic surgery procedures like Botox since society became socially distant last year. Besides plastic surgery, we can use makeup and skincare to help give ourselves an extra boost of confidence. Using a makeup routine that’s minimalist and looks natural has helped me feel more comfortable in my pixelated skin.

I read through all the top Zoom makeup tutorials so you don’t have to. There’s lots of advice out there — some good, some bad — but there were a few points every source seemed to agree on. The basics of makeup for webcam can be broken down into 5 tips:

1. Less is more

All the Zoom makeup tutorials I read agreed: simplicity is key. Aim to do your makeup in 20 minutes, tops (you can make 10 minutes or even 5 minutes work, too). In a past life, I relished taking my time to do a fully glammed out makeup look just to go to the grocery store, it just doesn’t translate the same on cam for me.

Same goes for your skincare routine. For best results, wait for your skincare products to set before applying makeup on top. On days you’re applying makeup, stick to cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing SPF — bonus points for using a moisturizer with SPF!

2. Use mirror mode

Reference your webcam as a mirror to do your makeup — it’s a sure-fire way to know how your face will show up on camera. Before beginning my makeup, I like to pop open Zoom on my laptop and start a meeting-for-one. In a pinch, selfie-mode on your phone works, too.

3. Set + Prime

On days where my skin looks oily and my pores look big, I use a silicone primer and setting powder to achieve a smooth, matte finish. If my skin looks dull, I use a hydrating primer and setting spray to bring out my inner glow. I like to use a primer even when I’m not wearing foundation — they can help form a moisturizing barrier on your skin (so long as they have the right ingredients).

Timeless skin done your way

4. It’s all in the eyes

If you focus your makeup efforts on one area, make it your peepers.

  • Mascara. If nothing else, apply a little mascara. It goes a long way in making your eyes look brighter — an instant pick-me-up if you’re feeling a little tired.

  • Winged liner. If you have a little extra time, then some eyeliner on your upper lid can help enhance the size of your eyes. A little cat eye does the trick!

  • Neutral shadows. Matte neutrals > vivid brights. Reach for greys and browns that compliment your undertone — these will look more like the shadows on your skin, making your eyes look naturally big and beautiful.

5. Light coverage is life

Remember the cardinal rule of this listicle: less is more. If you aren’t skipping it altogether, go for a light coverage foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream. These tend to have a more natural finish that translates better on webcam.

That said? As someone who often has both dark circles and breakouts, sometimes I need a little extra coverage. So I reach for a full-coverage concealer and simply target whichever spot needs the help.

So that’s what I know, as Curology’s resident beauty geek. I hope that we don’t have to rely on Zoom for too much longer, but until then, I hope your skincare ritual can be a self-care routine to fall back on each day. If you’re new around here, feel free to treat yourself to a free trial of Curology (it’s just $4.95 + tax to cover shipping/handling). It’s custom skincare sent straight to your door, and you can complete your routine with any product from the Curology line at no extra cost.

Stephanie Papanikolas Avatar

Stephanie Papanikolas

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