While drugstore products may get rid of 30% of acne, prescription treatments like ours can eliminate 90%.

Clogged Pores

Tretinoin and azelaic acid are among the most powerful clogged pore treatments.

Dark Spots

When used with sun protection Curology can help fade dark spots from sun exposure and acne.


An independent clinical study showed a 38% increase in skin firmness with 8 weeks of Curology.


Prescription ingredients can help regenerate skin cells, improve glow, and smooth the skin's surface.


Many Curology formulations contain tretinoin, the world's most proven ingredient for treating wrinkles.

Medical Team

Communicating with your Curology healthcare provider is as easy as a text message.

Medical Team
Curology Bottle


Includes custom medication, before-and-after photo tracking, and a plan made just for you by your medical provider. Try it free, just cover shipping.