tough zits?

3 reasons why you should try customized skincare


Pimples are personal.

Zits may all look alike — but the secret to clearing them is as individual as your skin. Curology matches you with a dermatology provider who gets to know your skin and mixes a custom formula just for you. Your superbottle contains 3 powerful ingredients picked for your (skin)dividual needs, so you can ditch the one-size-fits-all drugstore stuff that’s made for literally everyone.


Not all ingredients are created equal.

The reality is that over the counter acne products may clear only 35% of acne lesions, according to Consumer Reports. Certain prescription ingredients may be more than twice as effective for acne, but they’re often more than twice as expensive, requiring a prescription from a medical provider.

Skip the cringe-worthy copays and waitlists of the derm’s office, and get a personalized prescription online from your Curology provider. You’ll get the same exclusive ingredients would at an in-person dermatologist’s office — at a fraction of the cost.


Less really is more.

The skincare secret no one’s really talking about? Do less. You shouldn’t need a 7-step morning routine and a chemistry experiment worth of chemicals to clear your skin. Your Curology formula is just one step, and one bottle — because all you need for healthy, glowing skin are a few smart ingredients. So nix the extra chemicals. Your skin will thank you.

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