The Belonging Collective: BHM & Us

The Belonging Collective exists to prioritize a narrative rooted in driving an inclusive & equitable approach. In our first post we honor Black History Month — and how that aligns with our DEIB journey.

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Feb 28, 2021 · 5 min read

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We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

We are committed to building a company & brand that celebrates skin of all shades — and the stories they inspire. Building products that celebrate and serve all skin tones is just one part of our journey. As we strive to be a skincare brand for all, our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging initiatives will help us get there. To be more, we’ll need to do more — to inspire change through practice, not just promises. It is our responsibility to create a space and a platform that showcases Curology’s diverse member community as a medium of self-care and self-love — so that it might continue to empower others to embrace their healthiest skin and their happiest selves. Celebrating the beauty, power, and strength of the Black experience will be foundational in honoring that commitment. A celebration of Black History Month will extend beyond February; spotlighting Black stories should be perpetual, not seasonal — because those narratives are a part of what makes us human. With the help of our DEIB Team and initiatives like the Curology Black Joy Campaign, we’ll strive to make a celebration of Black history a fundamental cornerstone of our brand — every month of the year. In better understanding our privilege(s) and investing in allyship, we’ll aim to dismantle the systemic oppression that has historically held back cultural progress in the skincare space.

Actions speak louder than words.

Here’s what we’re committed to in 2021:

Frontline support

Accessible care for all

  • We’re expanding our Curology Access Program to remove barriers disproportionately faced by marginalized communities in getting access to effective care. Starting January of 2021, we’ll award 1,000 free two- year Curology subscriptions or comparable product credits to qualifying young adults (25 and under) in need — every month.

Empowerment through education

  • In an effort to acknowledge barriers faced by the BIPOC community in receiving specialized care, we’re partnering with Xavier University, a historically black university, to award $50,000 scholarships to 10 aspiring Black dermatologists.

Practicing what we preach

  • We’ll continue to conduct extensive audits of our own internal corporate structure and practices, from who and how we hire — to how we can better honor our own commitment to facilitate diversity and inclusion at Curology.

  • We’ve reevaluated the standing company holidays we currently acknowledge — and incorporated new dates of importance, like Juneteenth, that more democratically reflect the moments and movements our diverse team believes in commemorating.

Melanin Rich logos

Diving deeper, we’ve launched five Employee Resource Groups to create an inclusive workplace for individuals whose identities and experiences have been historically underrepresented. Our Melanin Rich group , for instance, is on a mission to provide a safe space for Black employees to build community, create programming that supports group interests, and promote a corporate culture of diversity, inclusion, and empowerment at Curology . Read on to meet the faces behind these ERGs below:

Employee Spotlights

Jerome Pargo III

Jerome Pargo III

What does BHM mean to you?

  • “Black history to me is a time of remembrance for the hardships and triumphs of African Americans in the United States.”

How do you celebrate your heritage and skin?

  • “I celebrate my Skin and heritage by making sure the younger generation in my family is educated on the events that took place to shape America the way it is for African Americans today.”

What Black Role Models do you look to for inspiration?

  • “Here are a few of my favorite role models:

  1. Malcolm X

  2. Ermias Asghedom

  3. Harriet Tubman

  4. Curtis Jackson

  5. Huey P Newton

  6. Barack Obama”

Joel Roberts

Joel Roberts

What does BHM mean to you?

  • “It reminds me of the struggle that both black, white, and people of color have gone through to be and feel equal here in America. But it also reminds me of how much further we need to go, I don’t know how we’re going to get there, but at least we haven’t stopped trying.

How do you celebrate your heritage and skin?

  • “ I celebrate my heritage and skin by trying to treat people how I want to be treated. Even if they let me down I don’t give up and start acting indifferent. I think that’s how stereotypes get started and perpetuated. So enjoy spending time with people of other races and cultures eating their type of food, living a day in their lives, getting to know them as people. That way we can see, we all want the same things. Peace and Happiness”

What Black Role Models do you look to for inspiration?

  • “Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant — are a few names that come to mind. But my real black role models are my Mother and my Sister. Without those two I wouldn’t be alive. My mom taught me how to be a good man in a world where it seems like everything is stacked against you, and my sister taught me how to show genuine love. They are my real black role models”

• • •

Accountability is key — help us honor our commitments by reaching out to our team with feedback, callouts, or insights. We’ve got a lot to learn — and that’s where growth blossoms. Stay tuned in the coming months for our first- ever DEIB Journey Update, where we’ll share how our initiatives have progressed and what we’re doing to inspire change in ourselves — and across the skincare space.

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Curology Team

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