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We’re here to tell you what we know, but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider about your specific health concerns.

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How ivermectin is used in skincare

Dermatology providers unpack the mechanisms, benefits, and precautions of this prescription ingredient.

Mar 4 • 11 min read
Wearing Hats Causing Hair Loss

Do hats cause hair loss? What the evidence says

The short answer: No. But there are some considerations you should take with your headgear.

Jan 15 • 11 min read
A Person With Hyperhidrosis

What is hyperhidrosis, and how does it affect your skin?

What you need to know about this condition that leads to excessive sweating.

Sep 30 • 8 min read
Woman With Acne

Is acne genetic? The role your family’s history plays in your breakouts

Unfortunately, breakouts can come down to what’s in your DNA—but it’s not as simple as you think.

Sep 29 • 7 min read
Beautiful Woman

Why do pimples have a smell? Dermatology experts explain

What causes this unpleasant potential side effect of breakouts.

Jul 31 • 8 min read
Aspirin Tablets

Does aspirin for acne really work?

Although this medication isn’t specifically designed to treat acne, it may have some skin benefits.

Jul 31 • 8 min read
Woman's hand holding pill capsule

8 oral medications for acne that are proven to work

Persistent breakouts can be incredibly frustrating—but the right oral medication for acne may be able to help.

Jul 7 • 10 min read
cold sore or pimple

Treating cold sores vs. pimples, what’s the difference?

While these skin conditions can appear similar, they’re actually quite different.

Jul 7 • 8 min read
Woman Covering One Eye

What causes a stye?

How you can keep these tender bumps away.

Jul 7 • 9 min read
Facial Beauty Treatment. Woman Doing Red Led Light Therapy.

Unlock the skin benefits of red light therapy

This trendy treatment may have an impressive array of benefits.

Jul 6 • 7 min read

Retinol and rosacea, do they go together?

This chronic skin condition can require extra-special care.

Jul 6 • 8 min read
Wearing a Hat Can Prevent Scalp Burn

How to treat a sunburned scalp?

Helpful tips to soothe the burn

Jul 6 • 8 min read
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