Artists of #treatyoskin: Yaki Man

This summer, to celebrate the Curology community’s vibrant (sk)individuality, we’re launching the #treatyoskin campaign: a series that’s all about your unique flavor — quirks and all.

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Aug 08, 2018 · 3 min read

Artist Yaki Man posing
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To kick off the campaign, we asked 7 of our favorite artists to share their creative interpretations of sweet treats. Today we’re featuring Yaki Man, a visual designer based in San Francisco who crafts brand identity, art direction, and stop-motion animation. You might have seen her super sweet GIFs already—she works right here at Curology, and you can see her work on Instagram Stories by typing “Curology” into the GIF search! Yaki connects modern design to ancient art and history, and takes inspiration from geometry, nature, and even her own surreal dreams. Keep on dreaming on, Yaki! 🌙🌗

Closeup of cupcake with stawberry on top

Where does your story as an artist begin?

I started from making my own comics when I was 3. That was when Sailor Moon was first showing on TV—it inspired me a lot as a child. I loved creating characters and stories based on my imagination. I began to take art classes in elementary school and started painting and drawing a lot. I eventually fell in love with Photoshop when I was 11 and started creating ads (or what I thought ads were at that time 😂) — I wanted to be an “ad man” when I grew up, so I started making them in my own way. From early on, I knew that I wanted my career path to be a creative one.

What do you hope to communicate through your work?

I hope to communicate a sense of imagination, a way of seeing things and ourselves with a twist. Stop-motion animation is my way of bringing these stories to life.

colorful art with cupcake and strawberries

What was the inspiration behind your “treat”?

I was first thinking of treats as refreshment, celebration, and excitement. Then during my research, I was inspired by the Carretto Siciliano, which is a beautiful, brightly painted horse-drawn cart that tells stories with geometric designs. This cart appears in Italy for festive occasions like weddings and parades.

What does your creative work reveal about your personality?

That I am energetic, playful, quirky!

Art with strawberry with cream on top

For more of Yaki’s work—

Yaki’s Instagram: @yaki_man

Yaki’s GIPHY page:

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