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Clarity for you.
And your teen’s skin.

Learn all about the most common teen skincare issues and get started with our customized formula.

30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.
College of Curology patient with mom and Curology products
Curology patient and her mom
With the boys, 1996
Nancy and her sons

A letter from Dr. Nancy Satur, mom
and co-founder

As a mom, teen skin issues have always been near to my heart. My sons and I founded Curology on the belief that effective treatment should be both affordable and accessible.

Our approach is to treat patients like family. Our providers are here to offer one-on-one guidance, recommendations and support throughout your teen’s entire journey. We’re excited to welcome you to our community.


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How many common misconceptions can you spot?

How many common misconceptions can you spot?

Teen applying Curology onto their hand
You’ll know right away if your new treatment is working.

Nice try! It often takes a few weeks to months before you see the full effect of the medication. Patience is key!

Hands washing with a bottle of Curology cleanser in the sink
Washing your face should be limited to 1 or 2x a day.

Nice try! Overwashing can be a source of irritation. We recommend using our gentle cleanser twice daily for best results.

Smiling teen face
If breakouts come back after stopping treatment, it means it didn’t work.

Nice try! The goal is to “control, not cure” breakouts. It’s important to maintain a simple, effective routine long‑term.

A smear of an ingredient
Your skin can become immune to certain ingredients.

Nice try! It’s a common misconception that your body can “get used to” skincare ingredients over time.

Smiling teen applying Curology to their face
The more expensive a skincare product, the better.

Nice try! It won’t necessarily be made with quality ingredients. Stick with recommendations from our providers.

Curology bottle
Quiz complete! Ready to see how Curology can help your teen?
30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.

Nice try!


Real providers take your teen’s skin personally

They’ll create a formula customized for your teen and provide guidance throughout their skincare journey.

30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.

Skincare is not one-size fits all

Buy it, try it, toss it, repeat. Sound familiar? Shopping for drugstore solutions is often frustrating — and can get expensive, too.

Off-the-shelf skincare products

  • One-size-fits-all (does it ever?)
  • You’re on your own


  • Customized for your skin
  • Expert support from a real provider
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A full routine with your teen’s 30-day trial

A pH-balanced cleanser and moisturizer are included. They pair perfectly with our Custom Formula.

complete set
30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.
complete set

Popular products to add to your teen’s routine

Acne body wash
Acne body wash+$9/mo
Treats and helps prevent body breakouts
Emergency spot patches
Emergency spot patches+$2.48/mo
Fast-acting patch for surprising spots
30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.


30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.
Is Curology safe for sensitive skin?
Most Curology products are designed to be non-comedogenic, dye-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. Our formulas are gentle, yet effective, and generally well-tolerated by most members. Curology is 100% cruelty-free, vegan and Leaping Bunny certified.
How long does it take to see results?
The process of adjusting to the formula is as personal as your teen’s custom mix. Many see improvement within 3-4 weeks, but others may take longer. Some may experience dryness or temporarily worsened breakouts in the beginning. If your teen has questions, their personal provider is here to help troubleshoot.
How do Curology providers diagnose and treat skin conditions online?
Your teen’s skin will be examined via high-quality photos of their face by a licensed provider. Many members find this process more convenient than traditional in-office visits, and you or your teen can message their provider at any time. In rare cases, providers may recommend local in-person treatment instead of Curology-in this case, you won’t be charged further.
What age do you have to be to use Curology?
We do not treat patients under 13 years old. For patients 13 to 17, parent or guardian consent is required, and treatment occurs in collaboration with the patient’s parent or guardian. These members will be required to include a parent or guardian’s name, email, and phone number, and in some states, a photo of their parent or guardian’s ID.
How does a Curology trial work?
We currently offer a 30-day trial of your teen’s recommended routine to all new members. This includes a trial-size bottle of their personalized formula and other products picked for their skin goals. After the 30-day trial, we’ll automatically send their Curology box with full-size refills every 60 days. You can edit what’s in the box or cancel anytime.
Can I use other skincare products while using these products?
Definitely! While we aim to provide a simple day-to-day routine, our products are formulated to be versatile enough for your teen to use other skincare products, too. Just watch out for ones with potentially irritating or questionable ingredients. You can learn more about what ingredients to look out for in our blog, or ask your Curology provider.
Is Curology just for the face? What about body breakouts?
Our custom product is intended for the face, but we also launched our own body wash! Learn more here.
30-day trial. Subject to consultation. Cancel anytime.
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