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How it works:

  • Share your skin goals and snap selfies

  • Your dermatology provider prescribes your formula

  • Apply nightly for happy, healthy skin

How it works:

  • Share your skin goals and snap selfies

  • Your dermatology provider prescribes your formula

  • Apply nightly for happy, healthy skin

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Simplify your skincare routine to benefit your skin

Simplicity can save time — and your skin

Curology Team Avatar
by Curology Team
Updated on Jul 6, 2023 • 4 min read
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Curology Team Avatar
by Curology Team
Updated on Jul 6, 2023 • 4 min read
We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

We’re all for a simple skincare routine, and not just because everyone loves having time in the morning to hit that snooze button. Simplifying your skincare routine can actually be better for your skin! Especially as the seasons change, it’s good to go easy on your skin, as it may be more sensitive due to cold air and winter winds.

Here are some skincare secrets that can radically simplify your routine — and benefit your skin at the same time.

Image of a person with their eyes closed, holding a yellow sponge to their cheek.

Too much of a good thing

When we overdo it with skin-beautifying efforts, it can actually have the opposite of the desired effect. Cleansing or exfoliating too much can be drying, damaging, or irritating to the skin.

At the end of the day, how your skin looks is largely an expression of what’s going on on the inside. (Learn more about the causes of acne here!) But your skin is also reacting to what you’re putting on its surface, and it can take a bit of time to adjust. Adding too many skincare products and steps to your routine can make it hard to know which product is having what effect on your skin — or if they’re having any effect at all.

So when you want to try a new skincare product, we recommend you start low and go slow: introduce any new product gradually and in low doses. Not only will this give your skin time to adjust, you’ll be able to tell over time if a product is doing anything for your skin at all.

Put your skin on an elimination diet

If your face is red and irritated, or if you’re dealing with acne breakouts, a less-is-more approach can help to narrow down what might be upsetting the balance in your skin. Irritating ingredients in your makeup or skincare products could be to blame.

It’s easy to find out if your makeup or any product might be causing breakouts or irritating your skin using Check out our guide!

If something’s up with your skin, try reducing your skincare routine to something simple and gentle, such as the Curology set: a cleanser, moisturizer, and custom superbottle designed to complement and balance your skin, made with only good-for-your-skin ingredients — nothing extra.

Woman resting head on curology bottles

Yes, you can wash your face with just water

That’s right, we said it. While we typically recommend a gentle cleanser (such as the Curology cleanser, part of our three-step set), you don’t necessarily need to use a cleanser. Some people do just fine splashing their face with plain water. (Important: wash your face using lukewarm or cool water only, as hot water can irritate and damage your skin.)

This truly effortless method can benefit your skin by leaving its natural moisture and protective barrier intact. Your skin is supposed to have some oil (aka sebum) that seals in moisture to keep it naturally hydrated, but if you feel your face is too oily, a simple splash of water and a gentle pat-dry with a clean towel can be all you need to freshen up.

Obviously, this makes sense if you don’t wear makeup or use other skincare products that might get stuck in your pores. You can remove any product with micellar water in lieu of a cleanser. We recommend Bioderma Sensibio H2O, which also comes in a convenient wipe form (Bioderma Sensibio H2O Biodegradable Facial Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes). Swiping a cotton pad soaked with micellar water will show you exactly how much makeup comes out of your pores, so you can tell if you’ve gotten it all or if you need to give your skin another once-over.

For more pro tips, check out our Cleanser Guide.

A little Curology goes a long way

It may sound counterintuitive coming from a skincare company — what with the endless bombardment of new products and multi-step routines out there — but we’ll always be real with you. Curology was founded by dermatologists, so we put the facts first. And really, even when it comes to our products, we’re all about simplicity.

Hand reaching for curology bottle with other curology bottles nearby

No matter how little you’re trying to do, if you have skin issues to address, from acne to post-acne markssun spots, age spotsfine lines or wrinkles, Curology has a custom solution for you. And we’re all about simple — our set is pared down to the essentials, so you can be done in just 5 minutes every morning and night. Check it out with a free trial at

Custom superbottle for breakouts | Free Trial button

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Curology Team

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