What Causes Acne: Food Edition

Foods that cause acne

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May 11, 2017 · 1 min read

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We know you’ve been hungry for this week’s guide: foods that cause acne.

Does dairy cause acne?! What about soy and fat? Acne and diet have a complicated relationship. Certain foods may trigger acne — but don’t clear your cupboard just yet. Some people get breakouts from food and others don’t. The scientific community is debating the exact links, gathering evidence and conducting trials. While they’re working, read this guide to learn about foods that are suspected to cause acne. Learn about:

  • Carbs that cause acne

  • The potential downsides of dairy

  • The absolute diet for staying acne-free (this is a tough one)

  • …and more!

Fill up on information by reading the full guide!



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Curology Team

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