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Retinol Blog Posts

We’re here to tell you what we know, but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider about your specific health concerns.

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Liquid Oil Serum Drop in Pipette Isolated on Pastel Violet Background

3 Benefits of using lipohydroxy acid (LHA) in your skincare routine

This hydroxy acid can help exfoliate skin, treat acne, and more.

Jul 31 • 9 min read
Woman Applying Cream to Melasma

Tranexamic acid vs. azelaic acid for melasma: What to know

Which of these ingredients works best for hyperpigmentation? Curology’s dermatology providers explain.

Jul 26 • 9 min read
Woman's Neck

How to get rid of neck lines effectively?

These wrinkles can be a frustrating part of the aging process—but there are steps you can take to prevent and treat them.

Jul 21 • 9 min read
using retinol in skincare routine

When to use retinol in your skincare routine

Ease into this potent ingredient by slowly adding it to your nighttime routine.

Jul 7 • 6 min read

Retinol and rosacea, do they go together?

This chronic skin condition can require extra-special care.

Jul 6 • 8 min read
Acne Cream

The ABCs of using sulfur to treat acne-prone skin

This ingredient has a long history of skin benefits.

Jul 6 • 7 min read
Gel Cream on Beige Background

Tretinoin gel vs. cream: What’s the difference?

Curology experts explain which formula type may be best for your skin.

Jul 6 • 9 min read
Woman with Face Lifting Tapes

Face taping for wrinkles—what is this anti-aging trend, and does it actually work?

Skincare experts explain the science behind face taping.

Jul 6 • 9 min read
Curology bottle

5 skincare ingredients to mix for maximum skin benefits

5 skincare ingredient combinations with impressive potential benefits.

Jul 6 • 6 min read
Skincare cosmetic cream lotion

What is retinol and where does it come from?

Retinol is a skincare game-changer. Here’s what it is, where it comes from, and how you can use it in your skincare routine.

Jul 6 • 7 min read
What's the difference between retinol and retinoids

What to know about retinols before introducing them to your routine

It can take a bit for your skin to adjust—but don’t worry, it will.

Jul 6 • 7 min read
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