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Dermatitis Blog Posts

We’re here to tell you what we know, but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider about your specific health concerns.

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Crown of Head

What you need to know about the skin at the crown of your head

Scalp care is a part of skincare, too!

Nov 30 • 11 min read
Woman with Sensitive Skin

Why is my skin sensitive to touch all of a sudden?

Learn about possible causes and when to seek medical advice when you’re dealing with an unexpected skin change.

Nov 10 • 8 min read
Dry Scalp

A comprehensive guide to effective dry scalp treatment

Get expert advice on how to soothe irritation and reduce flakiness.

Nov 10 • 10 min read
Best Dandruff Shampoo

Our experts weigh in: The best dandruff shampoos of 2023

Decrease unwanted flakes with the right shampoo for this frustrating skin condition.

Oct 2 • 10 min read
Ferulic Acid Is Used in Many Skincare Products

Everything you should know about ferulic acid in skincare

This powerful antioxidant is in more products than you may realize.

Sep 24 • 9 min read
Apply Cream on Armpit

How to treat armpit pimples and bumps

Ever wonder what’s behind these frustrating underarm blemishes? Allow us to explain.

Aug 31 • 9 min read
Rosacea Is a Common Skin Condition that Can Lead to Redness and Irritation

The benefits of a cleanser for rosacea-prone skin

How to find the right formula for maximum relief and hydration.

Aug 7 • 10 min read
Woman with Eed Facial Rash

Redness on your face? Here’s what could be causing it and what you can do

When your complexion is looking a bit rosier than you want, here’s what to do.

Aug 4 • 9 min read
Calendla Flower Soap for Skincare

What are the benefits of calendula for skin?

Learn what dermatology experts have to say about the healing secrets of this botanical treasure.

Jul 31 • 7 min read
Applying Desonide

Is desonide safe for your face? The risks and benefits

This prescription ingredient is used to treat conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.

Jul 26 • 7 min read
Dehydrated Skin

How to treat dry patches of skin

The pros share effective remedies for nourishing your skin and keeping it moisturized.

Jul 24 • 8 min read
woman concerned about dandruff problem

Ask an expert: What is seborrheic dermatitis?

Seborrheic dermatitis is a more severe form of dandruff—here’s how to tell the difference between the two.

Jul 7 • 6 min read
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