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Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

Last Updated: March 27, 2024

We take your privacy and trust in us seriously. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the information that you share with us. You can read more about our privacy practices in our Privacy Notice.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) provides California residents with the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information. The CCPA broadens the definition of “sale” and “personal information” beyond how you might commonly interpret those terms.

Curology does not directly sell your personal information in the conventional sense (i.e., for money). Like many websites, we share certain information, such as your IP address, device ID, click ID, or other similar online identifiers with certain third party advertising and analytics vendors to improve your user experience, to learn how you use the website, and to help deliver interest-based ads to you. Some of those third parties may use the personal information for their own purposes or to provide services to other businesses. Under the CCPA, the sharing of this type of information is a “sale”, and you can opt-out of having your information shared in this way.

Please note that if you opt out, Curology will attempt to block further sharing of these identifiers with the third parties we engage by placing a cookie on your browser to automatically prevent the sharing from happening when you visit our website. You will need to submit a separate opt-out of sale request on each device and browser you use to visit our website. After you submit an opt-out of sale request, you may still see advertising regarding our products and services. This advertising may be general audience advertising or may be delivered by service providers in ways that do not involve sales of your personal information.

If you submit an opt-out of sale request then change your mind, please go to the California section of Curology’s Privacy Notice for directions on how you can opt-in.

If you would like to opt out, you may do so below:

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