How to recycle cosmetics & skincare product containers

How to recycle Curology bottles & other product containers ♻

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Jan 09, 2019 · 4 min read

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We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

If you care about the environment and skincare, one of the first thoughts that come to mind when you finish a product might be: can I recycle this? Recycling rules tend to be different in every region, so it can be a little confusing.

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Tips for recycling cosmetics and skincare products

  1. Rinse out the bottle first, whenever possible.

  2. Remove the label, if possible.

  3. Keep any small caps or screw-tops that came with the product attached, because they’re too small to go through the recycling system alone, but they are recyclable if part of the whole package.

  4. Some brands encourage you to return your empties to them for proper recycling. For example, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics offers a free face mask for every 5 pots returned. If you’ve got a product you aren’t sure is recyclable, try reaching out to the brand’s customer service to find out if they accept empties or can recommend the best way to handle the empties.

What is *not* recyclable?

  1. Containers with multiple layers or made with multiple materials, such as toothpaste tubes or the kinds of pouches face masks come in, often can’t be recycled. If you’re ever unsure, check the packaging for a ♻ recycling symbol, and look up your local government’s website for recycling rules in your area to see if they’ll take it.

  2. Certain parts of a recyclable product might not be recyclable, such as the pumps and droppers on top of bottles. Parts made of multiple materials are difficult to recycle; pumps might have something inside of them like a metal spring, and droppers can be a combination of glass, plastic, and that rubber squeezy thing. Just take the top off and recycle the plastic or glass container! If you want to go no-waste, you can try reusing the pump or dropper for something else (just be sure to clean it out first).

Why recycling is important to Curology

Instead of playing “I spy” to find the little ♻ recycling symbol, you can count on Curology’s products to be recyclable. However, due to safety regulations, recycling containers of prescription skincare products like your Curology cream takes one little extra step. We believe it’s worth it to be kind to good ol’ Mother Earth.

Person holding curology bottle PC: @wanderwithmacy on Instagram

PC: @wanderwithmacy on Instagram

How to recycle your Curology bottle

To make sure your Curology superbottle is getting recycled, you gotta wash it out first. Open up the empty bottle and rinse out any remaining cream until it’s all clean. Then your superbottle should be good to go into the recycling! The cap and outer bottle are made with ABS plastic (ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), and the inner tube is polypropylene. So, once it’s been rinsed out, the entire bottle can be recycled.

Got the Curology set with the cleanser and the moisturizer?

The containers for the Curology cleanser and moisturizer are made from recyclable materials, as well, and they don’t have to be rinsed out before recycling. Go ahead and recycle those empties!

I was made for you Curology box PC: @anthonyspiveyy on Instagram

PC: @anthonyspiveyy on Instagram

We ❤ our planet 🌎

We prioritize packaging our skincare products in recyclable materials for the same reason we’re committed to using cruelty-free, vegan-friendly ingredients: it just makes sense. We’re founded on an ethical, do-no-harm approach to skincare, and for us, that also means doing as little harm as we can to the environment. We’re committed to making environmentally-friendly products whenever possible. So we encourage you to recycle those empties, and meanwhile, we’ll continue to be on the lookout for even more eco-friendly options. We’ll always be real with you and offer as much transparency as possible.



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