3 wellness must-haves that won’t cost you a dime

Yoga teacher Abiola Akanni gives you essential wellness tips that you can do now

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Melanin Rich
Feb 23, 2021 · 2 min read

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When “wellness” is peddled as pricey yoga classes and gimmicky products, it can feel like wellness is something reserved for the privileged. But according to yoga teacher Abiola Akanni, “Well-being is a state of mind and is a condition of experiencing wellness throughout the various compartments of our life, including but not limited to our spirituality, mental health, social circles, career, and more. The best part is, fulfillment in these areas costs no money at all because the focus has little to do with external gratification and everything to do with internal satisfaction.”

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Abiola provides 3 wellness essentials that you can enjoy here and now — free of cost.

Read the full feature and experience more Joy of Restoration content at insupportofblackjoy.curology.com.

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Melanin Rich

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