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Barrier Balm

Barrier Balm

Skin protectant • Hydrates and protects dry, sensitive skin

(3 reviews)

Skin in need of rescuing? Meet Barrier Balm—a versatile, non-greasy treatment that protects dry, sensitive skin from irritation, while promoting a healthy skin barrier. Barrier Balm’s silky, acne-friendly formula cocoons the skin with three key moisturizers (humectants, emollients, and occlusives) to promote a healthy skin barrier. These powerhouse ingredients work together to provide 360° skin-nourishing benefits to your face, hands, lips, elbows—anywhere that needs a little extra TLC.

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(3 reviews)

Hydrated skin

Posted by Arabella Hunter on Jan 12, 2024
This felt wonderful on my skin! My skin dries out a lot, especially in the winter, and it’s hard to find something that makes my face feel like it’s back to a moisturized state - but this did the trick! I also tend to break out but this didn’t cause any irritation.


Posted by Cheyenne Johnson on Jan 13, 2024
let me say this overall this brand is my holy grail it has changed my skin for the better , so trying this barrier balm my skin feels so hydrate and refresh, and my pores aren’t clogged or not disrupting my sensitive skin

Love Love Love

Posted by Britney Knight on Jan 31, 2024
I have struggled with dry spots on the side of my mouth for so long and have tried everything, this was the only thing that helped relieve and take away this issue, I couldn’t be happier <3

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