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The Cleanser

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The Cleanser

Lightly foaming face wash

(535 reviews)

Wash away dirt and excess oil without stripping skin or clogging pores with the Cleanser. The lightly foaming, gel texture is made for all skin types but is especially loved by those with sensitive skin.

Also known as Gentle Cleanser

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(535 reviews)

This New

Posted by kels.4 on Jan 30, 2023
ABSOLUTELY a game changer, it has completely changed my skin. It has healed old scars and current blemishes, and even left my skin super hydrated during this winter season. 10/10!

This New

Posted by kels.4 on Jan 30, 2023
fantastic, it has molded into my new skincare routine and has hydrated me soo well for the winter season currently. It was definitely a brand I have never tried up until now and I wanted to pinch myself for just starting it NOW. 1,000% RECOMMEND.

This cleanser is absolutely incredible!

Posted by skincaremare on Jan 30, 2023
This cleanser is absolutely incredible! It is super gentle, yet very effective at what it does! My skin is very sensitive, and this is one of the first cleansers that has cleansed my skin while boosting hydration! I love that this is fragrance free, and is perfect for my skin type!

Ok so I thought that

Posted by sahanie on Jan 30, 2023
Ok so I thought that the item was ok. I didn't get the most results as I hoped. The item cleansed my face well but it wasn't great. I have combination skin and the items didn't address sit. It's probably for someone else.

This has

Posted by tomileko on Jan 30, 2023
This has been a total game-changer in my nightly face routine. i use this before i use ANY cleanser and i use it again AFTER cleansing with soap. This is much better value and leaves me feeling way less greasy. i highly recommend Definitely give this one a try!

This is

Posted by __alynas__ on Jan 30, 2023
This is amazing. I usually cleanse my face every morning and every night , this cleanser is super gentle and it cleans all the proses. Once I dry my face I use a generous amount of the moisturizer and spread it all over my face and neck. It makes my skin feel super soft and hydrated. My skin is super sensitive and these products did not irritate my skin at all. I like that these products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

I had been hearing about

Posted by yeet.hey.girl on Jan 30, 2023
I had been hearing about Curology from people for a little while now, and I was very happy to hear that this skincare line is now available at Target. So far, I really like their products. They do not irritate my skin. They leave my face feeling so clean and soft.

This is a gentle cleanser.

Posted by skincarecataloger on Jan 30, 2023
This is a gentle cleanser. No bells. No whistles. It foams up a little and will foam up a little more if you use more than needed. My skin didn't feel stripped after using it and it rinsed off completely. I've made the mistake of opening my eyes before it was completely rinsed off and it stung a bit. This a good basic cleanser. I've heard good things about this brand.

I have sensitive skin so

Posted by ashleyimperfect on Jan 30, 2023
I have sensitive skin so having this gentle cleanser has been helpful. The oat extract is so refreshing and helps keep my skin soothed in the dry weather. Love that it is fragrance free so it doesn't irritate.


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