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Liquid Pore Exfoliant

Liquid Pore Exfoliant

2% BHA + 8% AHA/PHA with 1% Zinc PCA

(354 reviews)

Unclog pores and improve the look of skin texture with Curology’s Liquid Pore Exfoliant—formulated with a unique blend of good-for-your-skin exfoliating acids and key moisturizing ingredients. Dermatologist-designed to exfoliate without stripping skin, Liquid Pore Exfoliant features a gentle blend of 2% BHA + 8% AHA/PHA to help smooth and clear out dirt, oil, and dead skin, and 1% Zinc PCA to help minimize the look of pores. Together with skin-moisturizing glycerin and soothing allantoin, our solution will leave you with a healthier-looking, softer complexion—and a cared-for skin barrier.

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(354 reviews)

Caused breakout

Posted by Keem on Jun 9, 2024
Not suitable for all skin types

This exfoliant was r...

Posted by keepingupwcristal on Apr 16, 2024
This exfoliant was really good. It got to all the dark pores I have and took out all of the gunk inside it. My skin looks way better without it being sensitive after using it. I really loved this product! Thank you virology for offering me this product. Gifted by curology

My skin is so happy ...

Posted by lowercasenugget on Apr 16, 2024
My skin is so happy with me! As someone that has always struggled with acne and excessive oil production. This has been an absolute lifesaver. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t burn or hurt when I use it however, it’s effective enough that I feel like my pores really are not as clogged and my skin looks overall much clearer after using this. Offered by curology

I was gifted Curolog...

Posted by hotmessexpressmama32 on Apr 16, 2024
I was gifted Curology liquid pore exfoliate. I must say the black heads on my nose have gotten a lot smaller. I don't believe they will ever truly go away unless I see a professional. But this has helped them a lot. I plan on keeping this product in my routine an buying more when I run out. Doesn't make my face all red/dry/itchy. Which is amazing. Complimentary from curology

I never thought my s...

Posted by tasha.bakinskiy on Apr 16, 2024
I never thought my skin would be so clear and beautiful, and I completely credit it to this line of products. Do not hesitate. It is an incredible product!!! Since using these products, I don’t break out anymore. I never thought I would be able to say that! Gifted by Curology

This product was gif...

Posted by ruslanamytko915 on Apr 16, 2024
This product was gifted by corology. I have pretty oily skin and some enlarged pores . Could tell a huge difference within such a short period of time ( 15 days) I use daily and sometimes twice per day. If you have pores and you want to minimize it you should definitely try this product

i love this product!...

Posted by riley.ri_ on Apr 16, 2024
i love this product!! no strong smell, very gentle on the skin. i also notice a difference real fast which is what everyone loves! makes my skin feel so fresh and smooth after i use this product. i totally recommend. - gifted by curology

This is totally doab...

Posted by Jessica deBen on Apr 16, 2024
This is totally doable and something that you’ll easily add to your routine. I use it on both sides of my nose where I have the tiniest little black head action going on if I can do it, you can do it it doesn’t burn or irritate my skin, and I am a heavy retina prescription skin care user. Love this. I was gifted by Curology to try. I’m a make up artist for TV and film.

Love this Liquid por...

Posted by shamarcarhee on Apr 16, 2024
Love this Liquid pore exfoliant offered by curology. Really helps to unclog my pores. And helps the products become more transparent within my skin. Will most definitely recommend this to a friend. Give it a try if you struggle with clogged pores.

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