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Emergency Spot Patch

Emergency Spot Patch

Fast-acting healing support

(393 reviews)

Have a surprise spot? Grab an Emergency Spot Patch™! These hydrocolloid bandages provide fast-acting healing support for sudden blemishes by concealing spots while absorbing fluid and excess oil. If you have a packed schedule, the Emergency Spot Patches™ are the perfect little blemish rescuers. Not only are these dermatologist-designed patches waterproof and sweat-resistant, but they’re also ultra-thin—making them discreet enough to pop on before a workout or even layer under makeup.

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(393 reviews)

I was gifted by Curology

Posted by rafaelapereira on Jan 30, 2023
I have been using curology for couple months and their products saved my skin, I use both gel wash and cream everyday! I always recommend my friends their products. I have oily skin and the gel wash, cream and patches are great. I highly recommend!

This New

Posted by kels.4 on Jan 30, 2023
It has magical powers for my skin and for yours too! I am sooo excited that I finally found a skincare brand that works! 10/10!!!

I received this product complimentary

Posted by r.u.b.i__ on Jan 30, 2023
I have a love hate relationship with spot patches- some work and others are nothing more than a glorified sticker that get sticky after a while of use! These patches were nice, I've worn them both to bed and under my mask and felt like the genuinely helped heal my acne! They sucked the gunk out of my skin very well! Not overpriced!

I really love these spot

Posted by ashleyimperfect on Jan 30, 2023
I really love these spot patches to help me when I have a breakout. I love great they stick on my skin because they are waterproof. I also love that they are sweat resistant so they don't fall off easily.

This Curology Starter Set includes

Posted by yabeautyxo on Jan 30, 2023
Packaging feels nice. Spot patch is hydrocolloid only, without any other ingredients to help exfoliate or heal. Wish it did more. Cleanser and moisturizer are both nice though! Worth checking out!

This Curology starter set bundle

Posted by radiantlygolden on Jan 30, 2023
the emergency spot patches were the first of that particular kind of product I had ever used- and I'm obsessed! I got a pimple, of course, just in time to try it out and it WORKED. Significantly reduced the amount of swelling and pulled some of the gross stuff out. All in all, I loved this.

It is very good that

Posted by skincare.obsessionnn on Jan 30, 2023
It is very good that it was developed by dermatologists, Emergency Spot Patch will be good for acne problems. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and is not heavy. It will be good for acne and acne spots in the long run. It does not dry out the skin at the same time, it does not stretch.

These are one of my

Posted by molly_cole37 on Jan 30, 2023
These are one of my favorite skin care items. I love using them on a breakout and then seeing all the oils they've removed in the morning. These patches worked amazingly and definitely reduced a couple breakouts on my skin.

Huge Thanks to Curology for

Posted by selfcare_224 on Jan 30, 2023
I love the products it's working so well with my skincare routine. Also includes a consultation with a licensed dermatologist who can design your skincare formula.


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