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Emergency Spot Patch Clusters

Emergency Spot Patch Clusters

Fast-acting support for breakouts

(358 reviews)

Care for cluster breakouts with Curology’s fast-acting Emergency Spot PatchTM for Clusters—an expanded size of our best-selling Emergency Spot PatchTM designed to protect skin and help shrink spots as you move through your day. Our thin hydrocolloid patches are dermatologist-designed to comfortably contour to wider areas where cluster breakouts commonly pop up—including your forehead, cheeks, chin, chest, and back.

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(358 reviews)

I was gifted by curo...

Posted by ashkashahh on Apr 17, 2024
I was gifted by curology. I’ve used many patches before but these have left me beyond impressed! The size of these are immaculate. The quality is also above and beyond! I definitely would recommend this.

I was gifted by Curo...

Posted by its.mawii on Apr 17, 2024
I was gifted by Curology. This is my first time using this spot patch. The quality is amazing. It is easy to blend with make up. It is lightweight and helps clear my pimples. It is super easy to use. Z

Gifted by Curology O...

Posted by ashzxa on Apr 17, 2024
Gifted by Curology Oh, pimple patches! They're like little superheroes for your skin! These patches are designed to stick onto your pimples and help draw out impurities while protecting them from bacteria and further irritation. They're great for those pesky breakouts and can help reduce redness and inflammation. Plus, they're super easy to use! Just stick one on before bed and let it work its magic overnight. Trust me, they're a game-changer!

The pimple patch eff...

Posted by karlamcnulty on Apr 17, 2024
The pimple patch effectively adheres to the skin, creating a protective barrier. It promotes faster healing and reduces inflammation. The discreet design allows for inconspicuous use, making it a practical solution for managing blemishes. Gifted by curology

These patches are a ...

Posted by beautybyshelbs on Apr 17, 2024
These patches are a life saver they make my pimples go away overnight and totally disappear! Totally recommend and they’re the perfect size for clusters so you get more results with less patches!gifted by curology

I was gifted by curo...

Posted by assshtoon on Apr 17, 2024
I was gifted by curology to test out this product. I love pimple patches and these are a great product! I love that it’s larger than a typical pimple patch because I often break out in clusters so now I’m able to just put one patch on instead of multiple.

I received these com...

Posted by caylenberg on Apr 17, 2024
I received these complimentary from curology. They have been amazing at helping me cure my acne! I put them on at night and when I wake up in the morning I swear my skin is so much better! I highly recommend these if you struggle with occasional acne!

I was gifted by curo...

Posted by kileyydugan on Apr 17, 2024
I was gifted by curology and I loved this product. I get really big , painful , angry breakouts. I was really excited to try it out because it seemed geared towards my acne needs. I was blown away by how quickly they toned down the severity of my breakouts!! 10/10 would recommend!! I used it on a huge couple hormonal breakouts I had on my cheek that were white heads and after a couple days they are almost completely gone!

After receiving thes...

Posted by disneywithalex on Apr 17, 2024
After receiving these spot patch clusters as a gift from Curology I immediately witnessed what the hype was all about! It really helped reduce my pimple that I was scared would be seen in public. It was an awesome item gifted by Curology and I would definitely be telling everyone I know to try these out.

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