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Dark Spot Serum

Dark Spot Serum

Discoloration Fading Complex with niacinamide

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Visibly brighten and smooth the look of uneven complexion with Curology’s Dark Spot Serum. This gentle, fast-absorbing, milky serum is formulated with our blend of 5 clinically tested, dark spot-fighting acids and antioxidants that zero in on the appearance of discoloration, stubborn spots, and post-acne marks, while helping soothe and support your skin’s barrier. Our Dark Spot Serum features a unique blend of brightening niacinamide and our Discoloration Fading Complex, which includes glycolic acid, tranexamic acid, kojic acid, and licorice root extract. Together, this blend of ingredients helps visibly fade discoloration at every stage, from soothing inflammation to visibly brightening uneven skin tone.

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