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woman putting on Curology custom formula
woman putting on Curology custom formula

Not all acne looks the same

Acne is a spectrum, from whiteheads and blackheads to nodules and cysts. Not sure what type of acne you have? We’re here to help!

skin with acne whiteheads


Small clogged pores that look like a small white bump because of trapped oil and dead skin cells.

skin with acne papules


Tender inflamed bumps with redness and swelling caused by inflammation, usually less than 5mm in size.

skin with acne blackheads


Small clogged pores that turn black because the trapped oil and dead skin cells are exposed to the air.

skin with fungal acne


Small, uniform bumps that tend to spread across a central area—especially on the forehead, jaw, chest, or back.

skin with acne cysts


Large, soft, under-the-skin pimples that are filled with pus, go deep under the skins surface, and may feel swollen and tender.

skin with acne pustules


“Squeezable” inflamed pimples with a visible central core of pus, usually raised and surrounded by red skin.

skin with acne nodules


Large, firm, reddish lumps without pus that extend deeper than a papule and are often painful.

Start fighting acne in 3 steps

phone showing Curology's skin quiz


1Tell us about your skin goals and share photos
provider holding Curology Custom Formula


2Your dermatology provider prescribes a Custom Formula
patient applying Curology Custom Formula


3Start your treatment plan and get ready for real results.

Real people, real results

before and after of Celsey after 1 month

Celsey, 1 month on Curology

Skin goals: breakouts, redness, clogged pores

before and after of Aaron after 8 months

Aaron, 8 months on Curology

Skin goals: breakouts, dark spots, texture

Results may vary. Real Curology users.

Clinically-proven ingredients, mixed just for you

Azelaic Acid

A multitasking exfoliant that helps unclog pores, smooth texture, and brighten skin.

Ingredients subject to consultation.
Curology providers

Acne support—just a DM away

No bots. No algorithms. Just real people who get to know you, your skin, and your ever-evolving goals. They’re here for every question, progress pic, and skin win.

Subject to consultation. Just cover $4.95 in S&H. Results may vary. 30-day trial includes 2 free consultations. Cancel anytime.
Curology providers

Derm-designed products to help fight acne

Custom Formula for acne
Custom Formula texture

Custom Formula for acne

Target multiple goals in one custom bottle—featuring 3 active ingredients picked for your skin’s unique needs.

Acne treatment FAQs

$4.95 S&H. Cancel anytime.

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acne balloon
woman pointing at face
woman's face
acne balloon
woman pointing at face
acne balloon
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