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Fingers with red nail polish popping bubble wrap against a neutral background
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Am I purging?

When acne gets worse before it gets better.

Sep 28, 2020 • 4 min read

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Man moisturizing his skin

Skincare for men: 5 simple things to know

A guy’s guide to skincare basics

4 min read
A melanin-rich woman with curly hair in natural light
Skin 101

Sun protection for melanin-rich skin

Yes, even dark skin tones need sunscreen—here’s why.

5 min read
How to take before and afters like a pro

How to take before-and-after pictures like a pro

Learn how to take Curology-approved selfies that’ll wow people with your results.

1 min read
Mom and son photographed together
Skin Health

10 reasons your teen has acne, according to skin experts.

Plus some of the best teen acne treatments that actually work.

6 min read
Women with sun damage on a black and white image
Skin Health

Photos That Will Convince You to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

See what sun damage can really look like

3 min read
Hyaluronic Acid smeared on a red background

Try hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine

Hyaluronic acid: your best friend for dewy skin

2 min read
Orange squeezed in hand
Skin Health

Guide to vitamin C for skin

How your face might benefit from vitamin C’s antioxidant effects

4 min read
Women with cream product on cheek

Pregnancy and skincare

Baby-safe skincare during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

8 min read
Portrait of a woman. She is pointing to smears of cream on her eyes.
Skin 101

How to adjust to tretinoin

Managing early side effects of tretinoin.

5 min read
Skin cream on young male with facial hair
Skin Health

Facial hair and skincare

Do’s and don’ts for ingrown hairs, beard acne, waxing, and more.

10 min read
A face with a pipette full of oil.
Skin 101

Facial oils

Oils that don’t tend to clog pores or cause breakouts

6 min read
3 A woman laying on her stomach poses with a turtle on her back.
Skin 101

Melasma 101

What causes melasma and how to treat it

5 min read
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