What does the #curologyjourney mean?

It’s more than just a hashtag — it’s your portal to a community of supportive (sk)individuals

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Apr 25, 2019 · 3 min read

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We may wear our skin on the outside every day of our lives, but our relationship to it can be deeply personal. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the support of a community, though! A community of Curology members has blossomed in the hundreds of thousands, from our Instagram community to our members-only portal for sharing progress selfies. Each one of us is on our own (sk)individual journey, but with the #curologyjourney we can all be in it together.

The skin positivity movement

Acne positivity or skin positivity is a spin on the body positivity movement that promotes inclusivity of people with “imperfect” skin in media and the beauty industry — because nobody has perfect skin (but anybody can use Photoshop or filter their photos to make it appear that way). Baring your skin with pride and sharing your progress on the #curologyjourney with others is an easy, affirming way to join in on the skin positivity movement — and to show your support for others who are also on the path to healthy, happy, clear skin.

The #curologyjourney hashtag is your resource, from Instagram to most other social media channels, to connect with others on similar skincare journeys as you. Whether you’re looking for community support on how to get clear skin, celebrating the unconventional but positive attitude that acne is beautiful, sharing your Curology results, or just learning to love your skin, you’ll find a wealth of support and shared experiences.

Sharing your #curologyjourney is brave, too: it helps others going through a similar journey feel free to share theirs as well. We get that skin conditions such as acne can be stressful to deal with, and sharing your journey with others is a great way to reduce that stress. As an added bonus, reducing stress can actually help reduce acne! Score.

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How to join the #curologyjourney on social

To get started, follow us on Instagram @curology where we share not only Curology member experiences and celebrate your results, but clear skin tips and occasional giveaways, too!

Search for the #curologyjourney hashtag and you’ll find a treasure trove of user-generated content from real people like you who’re on their own (sk)individual journeys. You can even follow the hashtag to be alerted when new posts appear! Simply tag your own posts with #curologyjourney to share your story and selfies with the community. It’s like having built-in friends to cheer you on every step of the way.

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New to the club? Here’s a free trial

If you haven’t set out on your own #curologyjourney yet, sign up here for a free trial. You’ll get your very own custom formula to apply nightly to your skin to help clear up acne, smooth fine lines, fade dark spots, prevent wrinkles, and more — designed just for you by your personal Curology dermatology provider. When you upgrade to the Curology set, you’ll get a hydrating cleanser and your choice of moisturizer formulated to pair with your custom cream. All it takes is a few selfies and a short questionnaire about your skin to complete your first consultation, and voilà! Your journey has begun.

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