Artists of #treatyoskin: Kristen Meyer

This summer, to celebrate the Curology community’s vibrant (sk)individuality, we’re launching the #treatyoskin campaign: a series that’s all about your unique flavor — quirks and all.

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Aug 06, 2018 · 4 min read

Artist arranging candy with knife and cutting board on the left
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To kick off the campaign, we asked 7 of our favorite artists to share their creative interpretations of sweet treats. Today we’re featuring Kristen Meyer, a multimedia artist living in New Haven, Connecticut with her husband and two daughters. You may recognize Kristen’s gorgeous flat lays from Instagram. She’s established a unique—and eye-catching!—style that has her arranging small objects of all kinds into perfectly symmetrical geometric shapes. It’s tasty stuff. 🍭

• • •

Where does your story as an artist begin?

KRISTEN MEYER: My story as an artist began in childhood. Art and design were an integral aspect of my play when I was little, and as I grew, it remained an important part of my everyday. I would create with anything I could find: old magazines, scraps of leather, paper, etc.

In my early twenties, I was a floral designer. After having my first daughter, I decided to take a few years off to focus on her, which gave me time to reflect on what my next chapter would look like. Initially, I worked in store merchandising and interior decorating, but I eventually transitioned to prop styling, which led to the flat lay-style images I’m doing now. In a way, my current work incorporates pieces of all of these jobs into one.

Person circling wood with pencil

What do you hope to communicate through your work?

KM: I love creating art that is beautiful and, with all that’s going on in the world, it feels like beauty is one thing we need more of. I enjoy taking everyday objects and giving them new life by arranging them in patterns or modifying them. I hope to inspire others to find beauty in the seemingly ordinary.

What was the inspiration behind your “treat?”

KM: Old fashioned candies are nostalgic for me because they bring back memories of childhood. I adore their simple shapes, colors, and patterns and thought it would be fun to play around with them, creating something special out of something ordinary.

“Sweet Splendor” by Kristen Meyer

You’re an inspiration in the way you fully embody who you are through your creativity. Can you share more about your own journey and what you’ve learned about yourself along the way?

KM: I’m a perfectionist, and although I spend a lot of time on each image, there’s often a part of me that’s unsure if it’s done, perfect enough, or even worth keeping. Sometimes I feel insecure or unsure about putting out new work. When I feel this way it’s helpful to put down what I’m doing and go make a piece that satisfies something within me, rather than making work to please others. Some of the most important creative lessons I’ve learned is to find joy in creating, to celebrate and be inspired by others’ creativity, not to compare myself to others (my mom always said, “comparison is the thief of joy”), and to embrace making mistakes because without them we can’t really grow.

Artist arranging candy in circle

For more of Kristen’s work—

Instagram: @kmsalvagedesign


We’re giving away an original art print from Kristen!

On Friday, August 10th, we’re hosting a giveaway of “Sweet Splendor,” a fine art print of the original artwork Kristen created for our #treatyoskin collaboration. Follow along on Instagram for your chance to win.

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