Artists of #treatyoskin: Jenny Strange

This summer, to celebrate the Curology community’s vibrant (sk)individuality, we’re launching the #treatyoskin campaign: a series that’s all about your unique flavor — quirks and all.

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Aug 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Jenny Strange artwork with pen
We’re here to share what we know — but don’t take it as medical advice. Talk to your medical provider if you have questions.

To kick off the campaign, we asked 7 of our favorite artists to share their creative interpretations of sweet treats. Today we’re featuring Jenny Strange, a designer who founded Jenny Strange Goods. We’re inspired by Jenny’s ultra-minimalist style. She takes a line or shape and tells an entire story around it — and we dig that stylish simplicity! Jenny’s work is all hand-drawn, painted, printed and made in San Francisco. We’re big, big fans.

Photo of Jenny Strange in front of wall

Where does your story as an artist begin?

I don’t remember a moment in my life when I wasn’t creating, but I guess where it all started was with my mother. She was always taking me to her lunches and work meetings while supplying me with paper, pens and crayons to pass the time. So I guess my creativity was born beneath big tables surrounded by high heels and loafers…which could also explain my love of shoes!

I started as a fine artist in high school, working with all kinds of mediums: oils, acrylics, clay, glass, charcoal. In college, however, I studied Graphic Design, which balanced my fine art background. I think having that equilibrium resulted in my current style, which could be summed up as playful simplicity.

What do you hope to communicate through your work?

I love the feel and textural look of hand-drawn, imperfect line work, which I feel creates a feeling of sophistication and playfulness. I also love working with color, even though most of my work is black and white. But I think my visual style is ever-evolving. I started Jenny Strange with the mindset that where I start might not be where I end up, and that’s ok. Reminding myself that this is an unscripted journey helps me feel less pressure and encourages me to take creative risks.

Jenny Strange artwork of cake with eyes winking

What was the inspiration behind your “treat”?

We are all sweet, unique and pretty like a piece of cake…birthday cake!

We think your story would inspire our community, so can you tell us more about your own journey to self-acceptance?

Growing up, I struggled with terrible acne. It was mostly on my back. I stopped wearing halter tops (those were super in back then), going to swim parties or the beach. I retreated inwards, and it was a struggle to put myself out there. I really think creating and producing beautiful things gave me a way to quiet those negative voices and helped me meet like-minded, loving, and accepting people.

It’s been a long journey to get to where I am now. I’m definitely still working on quieting those insecurities, but I came to realize that the way you carry yourself, express yourself, and the way you treat others speaks louder than any physical imperfections.

Mutliple versions of Jenny Strange's cake artwork

For more of Jenny’s work—

Jenny’s Instagram: @jennystrangegoods

Jenny’s Website:

We’re giving away an original art print from Jenny!

On Friday, August 17th, we’re hosting a giveaway of “Sweet Cake,” the original illustration Jenny created for our #treatyoskin collaboration. Follow along on Instagram for your chance to win.

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